Giltzarria. Campaign of 30th of January 2014

The 30th of January is celebrated the School day of Non-violence and Peace (so called DENIP in Catalan). This day conmemorates the death of the pacifist leader from India Mahatma Gandhi.

In January 2013 Itinerario Muralístico de Vitoria-Gasteiz made a collaborative mural in La Salve bridge (Bilbao) in which took part different groups and people reflecting the idea of freedom of speech, the need to talk and the openness to the others. This mural was called GILTZA BAT.

Bakeola, took part in this project by drawing up some educational units to previously reflect on non – violence and peace and by organizing activities the same 30th of January . On top, Bakeola designed this web-blog as a platform to spread all the joint actions.

In January 2014 we want to launch Campaña 30E to follow up the work we have done and to recover the symbology of the key that names the mural. The key simbolizes an opennes element, a movement to other scenarios.

The 30E 2014 campaign, GILTZARRIA, suggests torethink and act with proactive attitudes in order to open “doors” to dialogue and understanding in the Basque social reconstruction.

We planned the following actions:

Activities prior to 30th January:

-Educational unit: An educational proposal of 3 activities to reflect on non-violence. Addressed to schools, associations and families.

-Kutxa-giltza: Those municipalities, shools and associations supporting  and starting up a 30E Giltzarria campaign, will receive information about it and a container so citizens can leave those keys not in use anymore. All the collected keys should be sent to Bakeola before the 30th of January.

Activities the 30th of January:

- A Peace guided tour: there will be tours (with pre-registration) trough emblematic sites of Bilbao related to peace and non-violence. The guided tour will finish at the collaborative mural called “Giltza bat” located in La Salve bridge of Bilbao.

-#yotengolallavepara: After theguided tour of the afternoon, there will be an activity with people approaching the site around 18:30 and 19:30.

There will be the possibility to write  on a blackboard installed in the square located just close to the mural of La Salve, words or phrases expressing their compromise with understanding and reconciliation. We will also hang the key in a space created for this purpouse.

Join us!




January 30th is the School´s Day of Non-violence and Peace. This date commemorates the death of the pacifist leader of India, Mahatma Gandhi, shot dead by a Hindu fanatic in 1948.

To commemorate this day we propose two activities that you can do in schools, with your family or non-formal education group:

1. An educational proposal made up of 3 activities to reflect on nonviolence and peace.
2. Participate in the creation of a large-scale mural that will be painted on the inner wall of the La Salve Bridge in Bilbao. This activity is being developed in collaboration with Muralismo Público.

How can we participate in the creation of the mural?

- January 30th come to the La Salve Bridge where you can take part in painting workshops all day.
- If you are a group or association, apply to Bakeola for a “painting kit” to Itinerary Muralístico. The kit consists of paints and a canvas, which will then be woven into the mural.

We are waiting for you!